design services

We provide the technical expertise needed to get your business from idea to operation. Whether you’re looking to create spec drawings for your invention or build out your brick and mortar space, we can help.


industrial design

We can help design and prototype your idea. There’s nothing quite like holding a product you only imagined. Our expertise is in 3D printing. We can help model your design and create specifications you can take to your manufacturer.

  • Digital fabrication

  • Spec drawings

  • Prototyping

Space design

Your space is an extension of your brand. Creating a physical space that fits your needs, exemplifies your brand, and comes in under budget is a challenge we enjoy. Most small business owners think hiring a designer for their space is too costly, however, a designer can actually help you stretch your budget by coming up with creative solutions.

  • Space planning

  • Interior design

  • Renderings

  • Detail specifications