Design team


Miles Bianchi

Miles’ approach to design marries futuristic optimism with pragmatic execution. As a self-described ‘maximalist’ his design looks to create the new Avante Garde using advanced design technology. Professionally, Miles has 7+ years of project and construction management experience and has worked on a number of large scale projects in the Bay Area. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University and Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Creatively, Miles’ medium of choice is photography because it is both nuanced and technical

Ari Takata-vasquez

Ari’s interest lies at the intersection of design, human interaction, and economic development. As the owner & creative director of Viscera, a brick and mortar shop in Downtown Oakland, she has first hand experience developing and building a brand in numerous settings. As creative director, Ari has directed numerous photo shoots, product launches, marketing campaigns and even the production of a magazine. Ari’s undergraduate degree is in Architecture from the University of San Francisco and has a Master’s in City Planning with an emphasis in Urban Design from UC Berkeley.