Viscinity Services

Let us help you add value by creating community. Ground floor retail is how a building interacts with a neighborhood - it makes a first impression. Make your spaces inviting for your community through local, vibrant and creative partnerships.

For Creative Businesses

  • Project Management is a crucial element of transitioning your creative business to a brick and mortar location. Retailers and creative businesses are very good at what they do, so let Viscinity provide hands-on support for tenant improvement builds including budgeting, contractor management and negotiation, contractor scheduling and permitting.

  • Ensuring Business Success through long-term partnerships. Viscinity and Viscera Studio has the network and skills to help ensure retailers find the right spaces and are long-term lessors. Through our local partners and customized consulting services, we can provide high-touch, one-on-one support for retailers to ensure they thrive.

For Developers, Landlords and Neighborhood Activators

  • Merchandising Plans help you create the right mix for your destination. Viscinity can use a variety of research and on-the-ground canvassing techniques, as well as a portfolio of independent, unique, and local brands and retailers to help you create a space with personality. What if the retail in your building was a community-building amenity for your tenants? We will help you create a vision and actionable plan through this merchandising plan specific to the spirit of your neighborhood.

  • Create a Brand for your Block. We can help define your neighborhood to create a true destination. Think SoHo, Uptown, or Little Italy. We can create neighborhood branding materials that will help make your neighborhood memorable by creating a unique look and feel.


If you’re a neighborhood activator, landlord, developer or small business, we would love to hear from you!

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